Administrative Center

Administrative Center Staff Directory

Agrawal,Mayank Consultant to Superintendent  
Baum,Douglas Chief Financial Officer email
Bledsoe,Willie Technology Support email
Bostic,Corey Office Personnel email
Brannon,Gaylen Consultant to Superintendent  
Bray,James D. Director of Community Servicesemail
Brok,Lori Social Worker email
Byrnes,Dee SSD email
Catalano,Debra M. Office Personnel email
Clover,Michelle L. Executive Assistant email
Cross,Gaye Consultant to Superintendent  
Dodds-Piggs,Rolanda Office Personnel email
Drennan,Tom email
Elder,Tracy SSD  
Ellis,Sharon M. Application Support Specialistemail
Engstrom,Jenna Web Content Manager email
Gilliam,Evelyn Curriculum Facilitator email
Greco,Ruth email
Hahn,Julie M. Director of Assessment email
Hamilton,Samantha Office Personnel email
Hardin,Sharonica Assistant Superintendent email
Harlan,John Frederick Director of Technology email
Harrison,Katie Facilitator of Domino Systems email
Hill,Charles Network Technician email
Hoech,Arthur A. Superintendent email
Hudson,Monica Human Resources Coordinator email
Huston,Joshua Technology Support email
Huston,Matthew Technology Support email
Jackson,Wendy Office Personnel email
James,Katray U. Evening Activities Supervisor email
Jones,Darrell Network Administrator email
Kern,Robin L. Office Personnel email
Kilbride,Christopher Superintendent email
Knoesel,Keryl Office Personnel email
LaChance Jr.,John M Assistant Superintendent email
Love,Robert Technology Support email
Mahn,Mary Office Personnel email
Major,Michael Consultant to Superintendent  
Matney,Jerra S. Office Personnel email
McCaleb,Robyn Office Personnel email
McKinney,Kimberly Office Personnel email
Meers,Paula A Graphic Artist email
Mills-Walker,Shelly Assistant Superintendent email
Mueller,Michelle Communications Specialist email
Opela,Stephanie Curriculum Facilitator email
Pearson,Celia Accountant email
Poling,Michael Technology Support email
Rayburn,Tammy SSD  
Rockwell,Rena Director of Prof. Development email
Satterley,Elizabeth Office Personnel email
Schumacher,Jennifer Office Personnel email
Spurgeon,Rosemary Staff Assistant email
Stein,Gary email
Thomas,Brad email
Valli,Stephanie L Curriculum Facilitator email
Vault-McPherson,Dana Payroll Specialist email
Wieland,Michael Asst. to the Superintendent email
Wilson,Arlene Custodial email
Wolfrum,Max Consultant to Superintendent email
Young,Bob email